Each botanical candle is created with great care, precision and attention to detail. This process can take up to 3 days, because when it comes to candles, good things take time.

All the while each candle is meticulously touched, from pouring our exclusive wax blend by hand to lovingly shaping each piece with hand, tweezers and and scalpel.

This artisanal process ensures that the candle appeals to multiple senses. This is the only way she can fill your room with fragrance and luminous botanical elements. Our candles deliberately only smell natural. We only use fragrance oils with proof of origin and tested quality.

Because each item is handmade, the arrangement and color of the plants may vary slightly. In addition, there may be slight wax deformations on the surface. Because we work with natural, seasonal raw materials, the color may vary slightly from the photo.

Like a good wine, a candle needs to mature. We send our limited creations only after a minimum 14-day maturation phase.

The result is breathtakingly beautiful colors and elegant surfaces. Small works of art that deserve colour-coordinated gift packaging. The result is a subtly scented work of art that radiates appreciation, a sense of style and – with all its naturalness – perfection.
A special gift for special people - or for yourself.

Miracles happen by candlelight

Some tips for handling:

  • Candles are very delicate, please be careful when unpacking the candle.
  • With our candles, only the middle of the candle burns. This creates a kind of "tunnel". The outer wall is mostly left standing, so that the light shines through the outer layer like a lantern and the colors and shapes of the processed flowers/plants come into their own.
  • Our insider tip: when the candle has burned down and the outer wall is still reasonably intact, you can place a tea light in the middle. In this way you can extend the life of the candle a little.