Let the beauty of nature shine

Unique botanical candles

Each Botanni candle is unique and has its own character. We only produce limited, seasonal editions.

We work with natural, mostly local materials and have a smaller ecological footprint than candles that are imported.

The processed flowers come almost entirely from our own cultivation and are made with surgical precision and great attention to detail in our candle workshop in Worms.

About Botanni Candles

Who is behind this?

I am Zsanett, the heart, hand and soul of Botanni. After studying art history (focus on East Asia) and starting a family, I discovered my great love for flowers and nature on our own property a few years ago. In my flower studio I produce limited edition, seasonal botanical candles.

Rittersporn 3D Duftkerze French Vanille

meaning and purpose

The permanent crises of the present trigger a longing for grounding in many people. The purpose of Botanni is to preserve the beauty of nature, to provide grounding and to make the indescribable beauty of nature visible and tangible.


In contrast to the digitization of our lives, my works reflect clarity, simplicity, peace and tranquility. Lasting feelings of pure happiness.

Kerzen Workshops

Wir schaffen gemeinsam nicht nur gemütliche Momente, sondern wunderschöne botanische 3D Bouquet Kerzen. Kreieren sie ihre eigene botanische Duftkerze, ganz nach Ihrem Geschmack!

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My creations are created for these sensual sounds.