About Botanni


I'm Zsanett, the heart, hand and soul of Botanni. After studying art history (focus on East Asia) and starting a family, I discovered my great love for flowers and nature on our own property a few years ago.

Zsanett by Botanni

The fascination of the seasons and how nature is constantly renewed and blossoming.

I felt the need to capture these wonders in some way. Capturing the magic of flowers.

So I first pressed and dried all available flowers and created beautiful flower pictures. That was the birth of Botanni.

But I went one step further: How can I make the flowers shine again? So I've resurrected the flowers in the form of botanical candles, where they glow from within and once again show us their stunning beauty. Together with the flowers, the candles create a special atmosphere and fill our hearts with warmth.

Experience magical moments with my nature-inspired botanical candles.

It's true: miracles happen by candlelight. Try it out :)